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(USA) Med Grow Cannabis College opens in Michigan

Michiganders approved the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes through a ballot initiative last year. Since then, there’ve been sporadic murmurs about how an industry facilitating medical pot could provide an all too important boost to the state’s economy.

This past summer mayoral write-in candidate Ronald Higgerson suggested that medical marijuana could be the key to revitalizing Flint, MI. Mr. Higgerson’s idea – to make the city of Flint the manufacturing center for Michigan’s medical marijuana program – had the potential to create jobs and stimulate the local economy while producing a useful product. Higgerson, however, lost the election (and “lost” is being generous).

Nonetheless, the idea of encouraging a potentially lucrative industry – particularly in an economically depressed state – is too attractive to pass up. After all, as more and more residents embrace the new law and secure their MMJ cards, the demand for high-quality medicine is increasing. That’s where 24-year-old Nick Tennant comes in. Tennant is the president of Med Grow Cannabis College – the second such school in the country (Cali’s Oaksterdam University was established in 2007).

Tennant, understanding that the new law would lead to an influx of aspiring growers, co-founded Med Grow to train interested parties in all aspects of Michigan’s new medical marijuana field.

Med Grow Cannabis College uses its facilities to teach potential caregivers how to grow really good pot. But that’s not all. Over six weeks of night classes, students are also taught everything from medical marijuana law, to cooking with pot and even cannabis history. Enrollment will set you back $475.

Med Grow’s first class (of 30 students) will graduate later this month.  

By Mike Hughes
Source: http://hightimes.com/

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