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Zambian Drug Enforcement Commission arrests 3 Malawians trading cannabis for livestock

THE Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) in Eastern Province has arrested three Malawian nationals who were found exchanging cannabis for livestock with Zambian villagers.

In a statement yesterday, DEC public relations officer John Nyawali stated that the three nationals who came from Kasungu district in Malawi, about 600 kilometres from Mwami border, were arrested in Kapasa area in Chipata district after they were found exchanging cannabis for goats and chickens with the local people.

“The trio had over 78 kilogrammes of high potent cannabis called ‘Malawian gold’, a Toyota Hilux motor vehicle and some livestock have since been seized from the suspects who are currently remanded at Namuseche state prison in Chipata awaiting court proceedings,” he stated.

Nyawali disclosed that the commission had also arrested a chief retainer for chief Shakumbila of Lumano village in Mumbwa district for trafficking in over 25 kilogrammes of cannabis seed.

Stando Londe, 44, who was preparing the seeds for planting was also found with 1,190 balls of cannabis.

Nyawali stated that the commission was considering holding consultative talks with agricultural authorities to help find alternative cash crops in areas where cannabis was widely grown, as it would reduce its cultivation and trafficking.

However, Nyawali appealed to farmers to direct their energy this farming season to cultivate high value food crops in order to enhance their food security and standard of living.


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