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(CH) Student caught trying to smuggle cannabis inside sausage roll

A student bit off more than he could chew when he tried to smuggle some cannabis over a European border stashed in a sausage roll.

Luis Fellini, 22, hid the drugs by cutting out a hole and then replacing the crust before wrapping the snack in cling no cictim no crime cananbis logofilm.

But he was stopped by police sniffer dogs in Brogeda, in Italy as he tried to cross the border from Switzerland on a coach.

He had hidden the sausage roll in a chill box along with other foods to try and disguise the smell of the cannabis.

One officer said: “He had put it next to some very ripe cheese and salami to confuse the scent.

“He went to a lot of trouble but either our dog was hungry and went straight to the food, or he didn’t hide the smell fo the cannabis as well as he thought he had.”

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