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Cannabis was to ‘assist with pain relief’ says Wincham grower

A FORMER glazier tried to grow cannabis in his Wincham back garden to help with the pain of an old injury, a court heard.

Police found two plants in the garden, a small amount of cannabis bush in the lounge and a stun gun when they stop arresting medical marijuana patients cannabisraided James Wilkinson’s house in Chapel Street on July 21.

The 35-year-old was sentenced at Vale Royal Magistrates’ Court.

Rob Youds, prosecuting, said: “He stated he was a cannabis user and the bush from the tub in the lounge was for personal use.

“The two plants he was growing from seed for his own personal use.

“The stun gun, which had a CS gas attachment, he said he found when he was a doorman and decided to keep it – he knew being in possession of it was illegal.”

Vanessa Shaw, defending, said Wilkinson tore cartilage in his knee in an accident a few years ago when he worked as a glazier.

“As a result of this injury he was taking strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories but they were affecting him,” she said.

“So he cut back on the tablets and found himself using cannabis as medicinal, to assist with the pain.

“He decided, rather foolishly, he would grow a small amount for his own personal use.”

She added: “There was no sophistication in the operation and it is quite clear he was unsure what he was doing.”

Ms Shaw said he found the stun gun on a night out in Manchester when he saw a group of men arguing with some bouncers.

She said: “Later the men approached him in the street with a view to attacking him.

“He dropped his mobile phone and one of the persons involved also dropped an item.

“He recovered this, took it home and discovered it was a stun gun.”

She claimed the first time he found out it had a CS gas attachment was when it was examined at the police station.

He admitted charges of cultivation and possession of cannabis and possession of an offensive weapon on Thursday.

Magistrates gave him a 12-month sentence, which they suspended for a year.


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