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GraveStoned Movie – The comedy horror for stoners

Shark and Coltrane, two out-of-work pot farmers, desperately want to break into the movie business.  They receive the task of acquiring a prop arm for an upcoming film shoot.  Not knowing any better, they chainsaw a cadaver’s arm off.  Now they have to survive the night in the graveyard with a cadaver zombie that wants his arm back.

Pot smoking slacker gravediggers, a movie goddess (Lar Park Lincoln, Friday the 13th Part 7), an obsessed movie Gravestoned The Moviemogul, a cadaver salesman, hot cheerleaders who may be exotic dancers, a redneck who would love to grill a severed arm and a horny Scottish Terrier – they’re all here in this over-the-top horror film for stoners that has been called the most ominous use of a severed arm in the history of celluloid.

“GRAVESTONED was filmed in Texas with a Texas cast and crew, so we feel it is important to mobilize our sphere of influence on our turf.  With exciting, packed screenings, we hope word of mouth will spread throughout the horror/comedy genre,” noted Michael McWillie, Director and Producer. “Think of GRAVESTONED as CHEECH AND CHONG meets Jason from FRIDAY THE 13th on PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.”

Fans of the film can become part of the experience through the film’s website where they will receive an exclusive message from the film’s star Eryn Brooke when they register.  Fans who register are also eligible to win great prizes.  Part of the film’s word of mouth campaign includes several stunt appearances at college campuses during the month of October.

About the Filmmaker

Producer/Director Michael McWillie is a respected, internationally renowned artist founding what has been called the “Canine Neo-Surrealist Movement.”  His fame led to his painting of the First Dog for President George Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.  Michael is an alumnus of the University of Texas, receiving a BFA in Painting.

For more information, to request a screener or request an interview with Michael McWillie, Lar Park Lincoln or Eryn Brooke, please contact Kelly Kitchens.

Media contact: Kelly J Kitchens    972-437-1845

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