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Bob Geldof’s daughter Fifi Trixibelle is warned by police over cannabis possession

The eldest daughter of Bob Geldof has been warned by police for possession of cannabis.

Fifi Trixibelle Geldof, 26, was being driven by a male friend when officers noticed he was smoking a cannabis joint.

rolling a grass joint They were pulled over and Miss Geldof was also found to have a rolled joint on her.

Police let the pair off with a verbal warning because of the small amount of the drug found.

The maximum penalty for possession of the Class B drug is five years’ imprisonment.

However, police can issue spot fines of £80, give formal cautions, or simply warn first-time offenders.

The incident comes just 18 months after her younger sister Peaches was questioned by police after she was filmed handing cash to an alleged drug dealer.

The 20-year-old escaped charges because officers could not prove what she had bought.

Last night, Fifi admitted she had only told her father of the police warning yesterday – three weeks after the incident in Clapham, South-West London.

She said: ‘We were pulled over and we both had a small quantity of cannabis.

‘We got a verbal warning as we had no previous convictions. Police searched the car and that’s it. It was a minor hiccup.’

But a friend last night claimed that Fifi, who works for a PR firm, had been left upset by the incident.

‘She is a sensible girl and works hard at her job,’ the friend added.

‘It is not like her to get caught up in something like this.

‘She will be upset by it and will probably have some explaining to do to her dad, who is very protective of his girls.’

The latest incident will undoubtedly distress Fifi’s father, who once vowed that he would go ‘ballistic’ if she went off the rails.

Her mother, TV presenter Paula Yates, died from a heroin overdose in 2000 at the age of 40.

It was later revealed that Miss Yates had consumed vast quantities of vodka as well as a lethal amount of the drug on the night she died.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1220956/Bob-Geldofs-daughter-Fifi-Trixibelle-warned-police-cannabis-possession.html#ixzz0UBzzEn33

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