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(USA) Medical Marijuana Task Force Created In San Diego

The San Diego City Council has appointed 11 people to serve on a newly created Medical Marijuana Task Force to oversee the medical marijuana dispensaries.

Federal law prohibits marijuana use but California law allows dispensing medical marijuana for the seriously ill, since 1996 with the passage of Proposition 215.

Appointed to the task force were:
•    Craig Balben, community planner
•    Stephen Whitburn, community advocate
•    Dave Potter, land use professional
•    John Minto, retired San Diego Police Dept. officer
•    Mark-Robert Bluemel, lawyer
•    Alex Kreit, law professor
•    Kim Twolan, medical marijuana collective director
•    Dr. Thomas Cummings, medical doctor
•    Larry Frank Sweet, medical marijuana patient
•    Dave Martin, small business owner
•    Rev. Wayne Riggs, social service provider.

When the task force was asked, “Why is San Diego just now getting around to clarifying how the law is administered?”

“They established how much marijuana an individual patient can have…but they have been really, really slow on the distribution side.”

In February 2002, the City Council created a Medical Marijuana Task Force which approved guidelines permitting patients and caregivers to grow 72 marijuana plants for their own use or possess up to a pound of processed marijuana if authorized by physicians and guidelines allowed for a “Medical Cannabis ID Card’ program.  

Last week, 14 medical marijuana dispensaries were raided after a four-month undercover operation, which resulted in the confiscation of 6 guns, drugs and $70,000 in cash.

The Chief of Police said the business were operating as for-profit which is against the law.  

By Jerrie Dean

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