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(USA) “Counter Cannabis” helicopter missions persist on the Big Island.

Despite the passage of a ballot initiative by Big Island voters in November 2008 making adult personal use of marijuana on private property the lowest law enforcement priority, “Counter Cannabis” helicopter missions persist on the island.

And some residents are not happy.

During Wednesday’s talk story meeting held in Pahoa, marijuana advocates (religious, medical, and perhaps even recreational) confronted Mayor Billy Kenoi, and Hawaii County Police Chief Harry Kubojiri, about the continued flyovers and pot raids that they say contradict the will of the people.

In September, the Hawaii Tribune-Herald reported that three marijuana eradication missions have been conducted since the November “Peaceful Sky” initiative was voted for.

“Peaceful Sky” defines adult personal use of marijuana on private property as possession of 24 or fewer plants or 24 ounces or less of dried marijuana.

In the face of the questioning, Chief Kubojiri stressed that the law in no way legalizes the use of marijuana on the island – where the weed is commonly referred to as pakalolo – but says that registered medical marijuana users have not been targeted.

Meanwhile, a police marijuana eradication mission report for the month of August – which indicates the number of plants eradicated and the number, type, and disposition of complaints received – is due before the Hawaii County Committee on Public Safety and Parks and Recreation.

The Peaceful Sky Alliance has reportedly filed complaints regarding the continued police helicopter over-flights.

By David Corrigan

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