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Dubai: Two women admit taking hashish

Two women, Emirati and an Omani, admitted to consuming hashish when they appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The two housewives, a 30-year-old Omani and a 42-year-old Emirati, pleaded guilty when Presiding Judge Al hashish cannabis marijuana potSaeed Mohammad Barghout faced them with their charges.

“Yes, I consumed hashish. I want a judgment your honour,” said the Emirati housewife who wept while addressing the court.

The Omani housewife also pleaded guilty. Both women had their faces covered in black veil when they appeared in courtroom nine.

Prosecutors accused the two with consuming tetra-hydrocannabinol, an active component of hashish.

An Emirati anti-narcotics first lieutenant testified: “We received top class information that the 30-year-old suspect was having drugs. We apprehended her in Al Aweer area. No drugs were found in her possession. She admitted that she consumed drugs.”

An Emirati first corporal testified that the Emirati woman was caught in Ajman. “An anti-narcotics squad raided her flat. No drugs were found in her possession. However, we seized two zigzag papers [which are often used by drug consumers]. She denied having any mind-affecting substance or drug.”

A verdict will be heard soon.

By Bassam Za’za

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