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Grandmother from King’s Stanley grew 42 cannabis plants in spare bedroom

A GRANDMOTHER grew more than 40 cannabis plants in her spare bedroom as a remedy for a skin condition, a court heard.

Brenda Mayhew-Manistre, aged 50, was caught after police raided her home in St George Avenue, King’s Stanley, on Thursday, July 2 following intelligence which suggested she was growing cannabis there.

Peter Ashby, prosecuting at Stroud Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, said police found 42 cannabis plants at medical marijuana patient logovarious stages of growth and hydroponics equipment in an upstairs bedrooms.

“Mayhew-Manistre was not at home during the search but a few hours later police found and arrested her,” he said.

“She told them she was a heavy cannabis user but all the plants grown were for her own use.

“When police searched her mobile phone they found no evidence that she had been dealing the class B drug.

“Mayhew-Manistre told police she had wanted to grow cannabis so that she could avoid drug dealers.”

Defending, Rosalind Jackson said: “Mayhew-Manistre has suffered with the skin and joint condition psoriasis all her life but it has been particularly aggressive for the last nine years.

“She finds the cannabis relieves the stress she feels due to her condition.

“She drinks it in herbal tea rather than smoking it with tobacco.”

The court heard Mayhew-Manistre had three previous convictions for possessing cannabis but this was the first time she had been caught growing it.

She was ordered to complete a 12 month community order including four weeks where she will be under curfew from 10pm to 6am. She was also ordered to pay £145 costs.


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