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(USA) 2 tons of wild marijuana destroyed in Floyd Co.

CHARLES CITY – The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, along with its reserve officers, eradicated about 2 tons of wild marijuana growing in portions of western Floyd County recently.

There were 18 locations found where the marijuana plants were growing wild, said Sheriff Rick Lynch. The plants were cut down, hauled away and burned.

Lynch said it is the sixth time in the last 10 years the office has done a similar operation.

He said none of the plans located appeared to have been intentionally planted, but there were plants located that had been cut down or parts removed, indicating that people have found them and were taking them, he said.

The plants were tested and did test positive for THC, the main chemical ingredient in marijuana.

“This harvest is two-fold. We removed marijuana from potentially hitting the streets and also it poses a serious health risk in that that marijuana could have been sprayed by any number of farm chemicals that could harm a person who smokes it,” Lynch said.

Possession of marijuana charges range from a serious misdemeanor to a Class D felony. If anyone is caught in possession of a marijuana plant, or manufacturing marijuana, they faces charges of a Class D felony.

The Floyd County Engineer’s Office donated a county dump truck to be used in the eradication operation.


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