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Dr. Phil Leveque Comments on Jack Herer’s Recent Heart Attack

(SALEM, Ore.) – Our Dr. Phil Leveque and Hemp Icon Jack Herer, go back a long way. Over the years, along with other noted activists and doctors and attorneys, these individuals have led the movement to legalize cannabis, or marijuana, and of course, Hemp.

Jack Herer is the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”, the bestselling book that educated the world about why marijuana was criminalized in the first place.

Jack Herer spoke at Portland’s HempStalk on September 12th, and suffered a heart attack soon after. Since that day, he has shown some hopeful signs, but has not awakened.

As of this morning, Jeannie Herer told Salem-News, “Right now we’re just waiting for the results of the latest EEG test. He still hasn’t woken up.”

Jack is a fighter though, which he’s proven again and again through many challenges that would have stopped nearly all others.

“The Emperor” is currently on the 11th edition, 16th printing. Long story short, Herer explains in fantastic, factual detail that the hemp plant provides the strongest natural fiber known to man, and how Dow and Dupont had to get it off the U.S. market back in the 1930’s, to make way for synthetic drugs and in order to market the newly invented plastic and nylon rope; two industries that have led to a major pollution in the United States.

Herer also exposed the connections between the Hearst Newspaper chain, which was an instrumental tool in turning Americans against “Marihuana” and convincing the population that it turned people into ax murderers, through distribution of the movie “Reefer Madness”. A mass of fabrication and propaganda, put on film and fed to impressionable young people, Reefer Madness has become an adjective for the belief system it successfully installed and has been maintained through the generations, regardless of the facts. If you’ve seen it, you understand the level of falsehood I’m referring to. If you haven’t, please do.

In this interview with Dr. Phil Leveque, he talks about his friend, Jack Herer, who fights for his life at the time of this writing. Hang in there Jack.



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