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Surprise Gift Box from Everyonedoesit

surpise smokers gift box

Our contact at Everyonedoesit.com seemed confident we would be impressed with the contents of their latest promotion of £20 & £50 Surprise Gift Box Bundles, which we were. What wasn’t so impressive was the Saturday morning wake up from the postman :-(, but it was worth it in the end.

Included in the £20 Surprise Bundle was G-Spot Glass steamroller pipe that retails at £19.99 alone! It’s a cracker too with good thick glass unlike the cheaper steamrollers I’ve had in the past which have broke in my hand while cleaning. Also included was a nice wee soapstone pipe, a dugout, weed grinder, party size pre-rolled cone, blunts, flavoured rolling papers, rolling machine, lighter & some incense sticks.

In the £50 Surprise Bundle was a glass bong from German glass blowers EHLE that sells for £69.99 on the EDIT website. Also included in the £50 bundle was a heavy glass spoon pipe, weed world grinder, several party size pre-rolled cones, a king size rolling machine, credit card grinder, blunts & a packet of incense which smells delightful.

The glass pipes and bongs included in these Surprise Bundles from Everyonedoesit.com in essence cover the cost of the bundles, all the extras are gravy :-).

If you’re stoned and can’t be bothered shopping for Christmas gifts then this could be for you :-).

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