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Discounted Fathers Day Gifts for Those Who Partake

Father’s Day is upon us! And if you haven’t considered it already; a nice vape or pipe could really make a man’s day. There’s nothing better than sitting down with your old man and sharing a smoke or vape and reminisce about the good old days. We’ve got everything you need from dad pipes to dad vapes for your dad’s perfect gift.

Pipe Dreams?

Maybe your dad’s present is in the pipeline? We all have this image of the dream dad… Kindly and wise, sitting somewhere, puffing on a long gandalf pipe. We think it’s time to bring this dad image back, by pointing you in the direction of some of our best pipes currently in stock. The pipe has been a classic piece of sesh gear for many years now so make sure you get your dad one just for him! Read More about our new Pipe Collection for more info!

Who’s Your Daddy

Everyone’s father is different, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they’re dads! They’re all special and if you want to get your dad the perfect vaporizer, it’s going to have to match his lifestyle. That’s why we’ve grouped a couple of dads together with the perfect vape to suit him and his vaping preferences. You can read all about the Father’s Day Gift Guide and a list of smooth vapes to suit your pops. Whether you have a punny dad, a proper dad, or a pot-bellied dad, we know one thing for sure: all dads are precious and we’re excited to celebrate Father’s Day with ours!

Get your Da something he’s gonna appreciate this Fathers Day at Namaste Vapes

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